Curated Historic Homes

The team is proud to bring you the most outrageous old houses that are currently on the market. We search the Mid-Atlantic region for the best Victorian era homes in order to showcase them to people who understand the value these relics hold.

We know you are always looking for old houses, you put yourself to sleep on Pinterest, scour flea markets and antique shops, and have always dreamed of renovating a Queen Anne, even if you’ve never picked up a power tool. Take a peek at our new finds below, and be sure to take a look at the rest of the old houses for sale.

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Featured Historic Homes

Using Historic Tax Credits

Completing a restoration project on a historic or old house can come with a very large budget. This type of budget is typically beyond most families, and the upkeep costs of a home that has 20 or more rooms can be significant as well, which is why we often see these...

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Historic Wallpapers

There is probably nothing more divisive than wallpaper in a home. You either love it or you hate it. And if you love it, there will still be moments you hate it, like when you are removing 4 layers of it, one of which was painted over at some point. Historic homes in...

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Staging A Historic House

When you are trying to sell a historic home, there are a few things you might consider changing in your marketing compared to selling a newer house. Old homes attract a different set of buyers that are typically looking for something very specific. Showcasing your...

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